IMVU Credits Hack & IMVU VIP Hack

Hello and welcome to my blog, if you’re looking for a way to get unlimited IMVU Credits and unlimited length of IMVU VIP Membership for free, you’ve come to the right place!

First 1. What is IMVU? IMVU is possibly the worlds greatest 3D chat system. You have your own 3D avatars, where you can make them perform all sorts of actions to interact with someone elses avatar. You can dress them up ANYWAY you want to. You can have your own homepage, where you can import your myspace design to.

What our IMVU Credits Hack & IMVU VIP do? The Imvu Credits Hack Give’s the ability and the opportunity to add Imvu Credits and Imvu Vip to you’re Imvu Account using different cracking techniques and  a unique loophole software that crack Imvu databases and process you’re Imvu Account with a new amount of credits and a lengt of Vip subscription.

Is our Hack a keylogger? Absolutely not! You don’t have to give us you’re password so we can’t steal you’re Account and we can’t log anything. We will also add an virustotal scan. You can be sure! It isn’t backdoored at all!

Does you’re IMVU Credits Hack & IMVU VIP Hack really work? Yes it’s fully working, if something got outdated we are going to update the Hack as fast as possible. We’ll provide the only working IMVU Credits hack on the whole Internet right now, all other Hacks a fake and doesn’t work at all. If you have any problems regarding our Hack  please make a comment right under this post we will help you out!

What’s the price of our Hack? It’s free! Free Download & Free Updates! Lifetime!

We hope you’ll enjoy our IMVU Credits Hack & IMVU VIP hack.

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? How to use

1) Download It from the Link above 2) Extract the Folder on your Desktop 3) Open the IMVU Credits Hack 4) Apply Updates if any needed 5) Log-In , with username:password that were given. 6) Then u see a menu, this is the main menu of our IMVU Credits Hack 7) Choose your proxy and type in your nickname then type the amount of Credits/Promo Credits in the box. Do you want VIP ? If yes then check it. 8) Then click on generate 9) Our IMVU Credits Hack will now generate the credits to your IMVU account. 10) Your VIP status will change in 5minutes +/-

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  1. camb0 Dezember 10, 2013 9:23 pm  Antworten

    Working! thanks man!

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